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Workplace Retreat: What To Have In an Office Break Room

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Office break rooms play an essential role in daily business operations. Not only do they provide your team with a space to decompress throughout their day, but they also act as hubs that bring groups of individuals closer together. This makes for a calmer workplace environment and a much more positive company culture overall. But for your own break room to be useful to your workforce, you must equip it with all the necessary items. This is what to have in an office break room to make it as functional and accommodating as possible.

Ergonomic Seating

If you want your break room to bring relaxation and comfort to your office, the first thing you’ll need is the proper seating to make that happen. An ergonomic chair provides the appropriate level of support for the entire body—even more sensitive areas like the back, neck, and shoulders. As such, it’s more likely to supply comfort rather than aches and pains. Having several of them will make your break room a place that your team wants to hang out in. Just make sure you choose your break room seating carefully to ensure it’s the best fit possible.

Coffee and Snacks

It’s also pivotal that you have a space dedicated to drinks and snacks. After all, we all need the occasional pick-me-up during the day. As a result, your team may need one too before returning to their work. Additionally, always keeping healthy options available to them can make it easier for them to make better choices throughout their day.

Games and Entertainment

Besides food, games and general entertainment technology are also things to have in an office break room. Sometimes, individuals would rather do or watch something instead of just conversing during their break times. Short games and access to a television allow them the freedom to do that. By incorporating these amenities, your team will have the ability to choose how they want to spend their time—increasing the amount of benefit they get from it.

An Announcement Board

Another item you should include is a sizeable announcement board to communicate important information for your office. When you’re putting up event or emergency contacts in the hallways, there’s no guarantee that everyone on your team will find them. But by making a spot for them in a common area like the break room, individuals are more likely to know where to go when they need information. These boards also receive many views throughout the day, making them great places to advertise office happenings.

Colorful Décor

Colorful decorative items are essential as well. The more welcoming and personalized the atmosphere is in the break room, the higher the chances are that your team will want to use it. Color can be especially effective at setting a certain mood for a space, and catering it to your specific office design can give your team a boosted sense of morale.

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