FAC Approves Fiscal Year 2025 CIP

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City of Germantown

On Monday, April 1, the City of Germantown’s Financial Advisory Commission (FAC) continued its review of the City’s proposed fiscal year 2025 budget with a presentation on Capital Improvements Program (CIP).

The CIP process, which began in November, involved planning and collaboration across City departments. Under the guidance of the Engineering Department, the CIP committee evaluated 47 CIP projects based on a set of criteria designed to prioritize public safety, improve service quality and ensure compliance with federal or state mandates while also aligning with the Germantown Forward 2035 strategic plan. Thirty-one projects are included in the fiscal year 2025 plan.

Despite facing challenges such as fluctuating material costs, reduced competition in bidding processes, inflation and coordination complexities with external agencies, there were successes from the fiscal year 2024 CIP including installation of new gym floors at Farmington and Dogwood Elementary schools, the successful renovation of Germantown Station Park and the 100 percent grant-funded replacement of the Municipal Park playground now underway.

Looking ahead to fiscal year 2025, the City plans to leverage $5.2 million in state and federal funding to complete approximately $13 million in proposed CIP projects  focused on critical areas such as major road enhancements, park development, public safety upgrades and infrastructure maintenance. Funding for these projects comes from a variety of sources, including the City’s reserves, state and federal grants, and matching neighborhood grants, showcasing a collaborative effort to drive progress and innovation.

CIP Manager Tiffany Howlett emphasized the importance of the four Ps – public safety, public infrastructure, public schools and public parks – in shaping the City’s capital improvement priorities. These investments enhance emergency response capabilities, improve connectivity and efficiency, create conducive learning environments and enhance recreational opportunities for residents, continuing to improve the overall quality of life in Germantown.

As the meeting concluded, the FAC voted to approve the fiscal year 2025 CIP and to recommend the plan to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen with the first reading of the budget scheduled for May 13. The FAC will meet next on April 15 to review the General Fund, Utility Fund, State Street Aid and GMSD. Meetings are open to the public with details available at Germantown-TN.gov/Calendar.

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