5 Tools Beauty Professionals Need To Perform Lash Lifts

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5 Tools Beauty Professionals Need To Perform Lash Lifts

Beauty experts know that the key to any great transformation lies in the tools they use. A lash lift can do wonders for opening up the eyes and creating a natural, attention-grabbing look. But to achieve that stunning lift and curl, professionals need to have the right tools at their disposal. Here are some essential tools beauty professionals need to perform lash lifts.

Silicone Lash Lift Rods

The rods are silicone molds used to shape and curl the lashes during a lift, and they come in various sizes. Larger rods are perfect for creating intense curls, while smaller ones can give a more natural-looking lift. The key is to select the right rod size based on each client’s lash length and desired outcome. Additionally, it’s important to arrange the lashes on the rod correctly, as proper alignment ensures each lash is evenly lifted.

Lash Lift Adhesive

Your lash lift adhesive is the keeper of the curl, the mystical glue that holds the lift in place. In other words, it’s the most crucial element in every lash lift session. This adhesive keeps your clients’ lashes attached firmly to the rods, ensuring that they maintain their desired shape and curl throughout the entire process.

Lash Lifting Tool

Your trusty lash lifting tool is your right hand in creating the perfect lift. You use this tool to separate, and at times straighten, the lashes before applying the adhesive. After you place the lashes on the rod and apply the solution, this tool helps in lifting and separating any stubborn lashes that might not have caught up with the rest.

Lash Lift Solution

Your lash lift solution is the catalyst that transforms your clients’ lashes. It comes in two parts—the lifting and setting solutions. These solutions contain chemicals that break down and reform the bonds in the lash, giving it a new shape. The lifting solution lifts and curls the lashes, while the setting solution locks them in place. Use each solution for the specific amount of time recommended by the manufacturer, then carefully remove them using a gentle lash cleanser.

Lash Comb

The final tool beauty professionals need to perform lash lifts is the lash comb. Once the lifting and setting processes are done, this tool is the final touch. Use it to separate and fluff out the lashes to create a fuller, more natural look. The lash comb also ensures that there are no stray lashes sticking together or going in the wrong direction.


Use a clean lash comb for each client to avoid cross-contamination and ensure superior hygiene standards.

Beauty is in the details, and the details are in the tools. Investing in high-quality tools is an investment in the success of your lash lift treatments. With the right tools and techniques, you can give your clients beautiful lifted lashes that will make them feel confident and ready to take on the world.

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