Top Tips To Help Socialize Your New Puppy

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Top Tips To Help Socialize Your New Puppy

Socialization is the greatest gift you can give your puppy, but after about 16 weeks, it isn’t as effective. If you’re looking for the right ways to socialize your pup, you’ve come to the right place. These are the top tips to help socialize your new puppy.

Have a Puppy Playdate

If you know a friend who has a friendly adult dog or a puppy as well, get them together for a puppy playdate! It’s a lowkey enough environment where all dogs and humans alike will have the appropriate socialization. Try apps or local groups if you don’t have anyone close to you who has a dog.

Avoid Dog Parks and Pet Stores for a Bit

Heavy dog traffic areas aren’t the greatest idea for your puppy. For one, you don’t know the surrounding dogs’ vaccination histories. There are much safer ways to socialize your puppy.

Enroll Them in a Puppy Class

Not all puppy classes are created equal, so make sure you find a well-run, trusted class. The course shouldn’t have more than six to seven puppies, and they should separate the pups by size and age.

Make sure you find a trainer that ensures each dog is up to date on their shots. Trainers should also sanitize the space before and after a dog’s arrival.

No More Waiting Until Your Pup Is Fully Vaccinated

The risks of your pup contracting an illness don’t outweigh the risks that come with a lack of socialization. Enrolling your puppy in doggy daycare is an excellent place for them to enjoy monitored socialization.

Let Them Explore at Their Pace

As humans, we’re infamous for attempting to fix everything. If your puppy is nervous or shy, avoid putting them in social situations that may make them feel uncomfortable. You’ll have better success in small-scale settings where your dog has a place to hide, leave if they’re uncomfortable, or observe from a safe distance. Giving your puppy control of social interactions helps boost their confidence. They’ll start adventuring out on their own in no time!

Follow these top tips to help socialize your new puppy to ensure excellent socialization. Your dog will be a social butterfly in no time!

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