The Different Types of Divorce That Everyone Should Know

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Popular culture always depicts divorce as a tumultuous event where the exes are at each other’s throats. Sure, this happens occasionally, but there are also other scenarios that can play out. Here are the different types of divorce everyone should know.

Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce is the ideal option for people ending their marriage. In this process, each party hires a lawyer to represent their interests through mediation. This option is the most hassle-free and private. If things do become heated, mediation will end, and a courtroom battle will begin.

Contested Divorce

Things aren’t so amicable in a contested divorce. Essentially, both parties hire their own lawyers to argue their points for them. From there, a judge will decide what things will look like post-married life. This process isn’t ideal because emotions run high, and there’s little privacy. Furthermore, it’s very expensive and can take forever to get through the legal proceedings.

No-Fault and At-Fault Divorces

Essentially, a no-fault divorce works similarly to a collaborative divorce, meaning no one is to blame for the marriage ending. An at-fault divorce, on the other hand, means that one person bears the responsibility of the marriage’s dissolution. Below are some reasons why a judge would grant an at-fault divorce:

  • If there’s a history of domestic violence in the marriage.
  • If one person was unfaithful and broke their marital vows.
  • If one person financially took advantage of the other.

Default Divorce

A default divorce is rare, but it happens. This occurs when one party puts in little to no effort in the divorce proceedings. If one person fails to show up in court, the judge would be inclined to grant the other person what they want.

Everyone should know about the different types of divorce because things will vary based on the situation. Ideally, you’d want a collaborative divorce, especially if children are involved. Remember, you have to put your emotions aside to move on with life.

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