Reasons To Remove Your Jeep’s Hardtop

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Did you know that May 15th, 2021, was the 14th annual Go Topless Day, an international event for Jeep owners to inaugurate summer by removing the hardtops from their Jeeps and cruising in the open air?

Did you know that Jeep owners even have a Go Topless Day?

We realize that getting the top off your Jeep can be a bit of an undertaking. But with summer weather being a precious thing for much of the country, many Jeep owners find that the work is well worth it. There are plenty of great reasons to remove your Jeep’s hardtop—it’s not too late to make the switch for the summer and enjoy.

Catch Some Rays

The music industry jokingly refers to the pallor of longtime session musicians as a “studio tan”: a pale condition that comes from spending too much time working. White-collar workers can develop a bad case of “office tan” themselves, going from car to office to car to home. If you’re done working from home—or never stopped going in—a Jeep with the top down lets you use your commute to get some color back. But it’s about more than UV rays giving you a summer tan—that sunlight is great for vitamin D levels, too.

You Still Have the Soft Top

Retiring the hardtop for the summer doesn’t mean you have zero protection from the elements. Once you’ve figured out how to safely stow the hardtop for the season, you still have your soft top, or “ragtop,” to protect from high winds and precipitation when you need it. Soft tops are usually made from vinyl, twill, or treated canvas, and they’re durable in a pinch.

Savor the Off-Road Experience

But let’s be real—Jeep owners don’t drive what they drive because it’s great for getting to and from the office. Jeeps are for exploring what lies beyond the roads. One of the best reasons to remove your Jeep’s hardtop is to make the most of the off-roading experience. When you’re hitting the trails, navigating bumpy terrain, and even crossing rivers, you want to be surrounded by nature, with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. Your topless Jeep makes it possible—and you don’t have to limit that to one day a year.

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