Reasons To Migrate Your Database to the Cloud

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Reasons To Migrate Your Database to the Cloud

Data migration can seem daunting, but it’s simpler and more accessible than ever. In addition, migrating your database to the cloud is a decision filled with advantages that can help you reposition your company and achieve the next level of success. Read on to learn a few reasons to migrate your database to the cloud.

Cloud Database: Explained

Traditional databases require physical storage centers for your data—actual pieces of hardware to house your information. When you use a cloud database, all your data gets stored safely in a “cloud platform,” a set of servers you access via the internet. All software and storage are entirely off-site and hardware-free.


The first benefit you should consider of cloud databases is scalability. When you reach your maximum data capacity with physical drives, you have no other option but to purchase more drives. Unfortunately, this can also require you to redesign your data center to facilitate more drives; suddenly, everything costs more than you expected.

With cloud databases, you can scale up or down your plan as needed, meaning that you’ll never run out of space or pay for more than you need.


In-house IT staff and data centers cost money, and that money can feel wasted when you realize you don’t need either. The fewer departments and real estate you need to manage, the better for your bottom line. Cloud data storage removes the need for any data centers and the ongoing costs that come with them.


Cloud computing is much faster than computing data via physical hard drives. Processing data faster allows you to respond more quickly to changes in the market or shifts in trends. A successful company is one that stays relevant in any number of situations.

Now that you know these reasons to migrate your database to the cloud, take the next step and determine the best strategy for migrating your data. With all these advantages, you won’t regret making this change!

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