How We Can Make Transportation More Sustainable

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“Going green” has been a phase for more than a few decades now. Arguably, some individuals made lifestyle changes only to keep up with the trends. Now, however, we can no longer ignore sustainability as a trend we’re trying to keep up with. We all must do our part to keep the earth clean for future generations. Here’s how we can make transportation more sustainable.

Better Fuel

Billions of drivers hit the road every single day. Although automobiles are a quick means of transportation, their fuel emissions cause serious damage to the environment. Therefore, we must invest in ways to improve energy efficiency and oil and gas production. For example, you can reduce flaring and venting—which release unnecessary gas into the atmosphere—by creating a capsule that collects the extra oil. Believe it or not, better lighting also plays a role in creating more efficient fuel. Some lights burn up to fifteen gallons of diesel fuel at a time; one can greatly reduce this by changing the lighting within the vehicle and the oil distribution process.

Utilize Public Transportation

Another way we can make transportation more sustainable is by using public transportation more often. For some reason, people have misconceptions about public transit. They think things like buses are filled with germs or far too slow. However, neither could be further from the truth. During the pandemic, bus companies are taking extra precautions to keep their passengers safe from germs. Everyone must sit six feet apart and wear a mask until they get to their destination. Furthermore, buses run on a strict schedule. So, as long as you aren’t late, you don’t have to worry about arriving late to your destination.

Limit Parking Structures

Everywhere you turn, it seems there’s a new parking structure behind you. Although these structures work to accommodate drivers, they inadvertently affect the environment. By limiting the number of parking structures within a certain area, businesses can force people to find other ways of transportation than driving. Sure, this method is a little sneaky. However, we all need to do what we can to take care of our planet.

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