Home Electrical Safety Tips You Should Know

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Home Electrical Safety Tips You Should Know

You don’t need to be an electrician to learn a few essential electrical safety practices for around the house. From wire caps to following wattage guidelines, we’ve got all the home electrical safety tips you should know.

Avoid Outlet Overload

When you plug too many appliances into the same outlet, you run the risk of shorting the circuit and tripping the power breaker. While most houses are designed to make this more of a nuisance than a danger, it’s still best to avoid this altogether.

Follow Wattage Guidelines

All your lamps should have stickers that indicate the proper bulb wattage needed for each. Be sure to follow these stickers to the letter—otherwise, the light could heat up too quickly and cause a fire or other electrical problems.

Dispose of Damaged Extension Cords

It’s highly likely that every home in America has at least one damaged extension cord. You may be thinking, “if it still works, I can still use it,” but that’s a recipe for disaster. You never know when a damaged extension cord could start emitting sparks. This is one of the top causes of electrical fires, and you really don’t want it to happen to you. As soon as you notice damage on an electrical cord, dispose of it properly and replace it.

Don’t Leave Wires Loose

It’s best to leave any rewiring jobs to the professionals. However, if you are attempting an electrical change in your home, be sure to use wire caps. Wire caps are absolutely necessary when working with bare wire—in addition to providing a stronger connection for the wires inside, they also make things much safer. Once you put the wires in the cap, use electrical tape to seal everything up.

Now that you’re equipped with these home electrical safety tips you should know, perform a once-over around your house to make sure you’re currently following these guidelines. Keeping you and your family safe is important, especially when the steps you need to take are this easy.

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