Brand-New You: 3 Ways To Give Yourself a Makeover at Home

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2020 has been a wild year. Many folks are staying home to slow the spread of coronavirus. Yet, just because you’re inside doesn’t mean you have to compromise your sense of style. Keep busy and stay fashionable by following these ways to give yourself a makeover at home.

Try on All Kinds of Clothing

Now is the perfect time to step outside your comfort zone because if you don’t like the way something looks, then no one has to see. So, why not have some fun and try on things you wouldn’t usually wear? For example, mix and match prints that don’t typically go together. Another idea is to purchase many different types of skirt styles so that you’re ready for whatever occasion comes your way post-quarantine. Remember to have fun! You may end up loving whatever creation you make.

Play With Makeup

Makeup is an excellent way for people to express their creativity. Consider playing around with different foundations and eyeshadows while you’re stuck at home. Remember, no one will see unless you want them to. So, there’s no reason to be nervous about it looking funny. Putting on makeup should build your self-confidence and be a fun experience. Also, practice makes perfect.

Hairstyles Galore

Changing your hairstyle is risky. However, the reward can be phenomenal. Anyone who doesn’t want to make too drastic of a change should consider trying new updos. Perhaps put your locks in a braid or a fun bun if you typically wear it down. Those more comfortable keeping their hair down should think about curling or straightening it to add flair. The brave at heart can dye their hair if they want to look totally different—just be sure to follow the exact instructions on the box.

People can definitely kill some time by following these ways to give yourself a makeover at home. The current climate is so overwhelming right now. Self-care is the perfect way to prioritize your mental health and distract you from the chaos. So, please, don’t be afraid to do some online shopping from home.

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