5 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Give Life to Old Furniture

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DIYers have an incredible knack for transforming an old, rickety piece of furniture into something that could grace Home & Garden’s front cover. Though it takes practice to make projects turn out the exact way you want them to, there are actually plenty of ways to give life to old furniture. Below, we’ll delve into a few of our favorite transformation tips—from updating wooden chairs for your home to repainting a dresser, the options are endless!

Paint Doors and Drawers

One of the most effective ways to transform an old piece of furniture is by repainting it. Now, there are several different ways you can go about this. You can decide to repaint the whole piece, but you’ll have to ensure to avoid common furniture painting mistakes so that the paint lasts. Or, you can repaint bits and pieces of the furniture. For example, painting the doors of a cabinet or the drawers of a dresser may give it just the splash you’ve been looking for.

Choose a New Stain

Similarly, sometimes all the drowsy piece needs is a new stain. A kitchen table may benefit from a darker stain to cover up the wear. Maybe a headboard needs a new finish since you’ve just repainted the bedroom walls. A new stain is also a fantastic way to revamp a solid piece of furniture that just looks a little drab—not too much work is needed for this project.

Update the Hardware

Simple changes make big impacts. If you’ve updated the paint or the stain of the piece and it still doesn’t feel right, then maybe you need to think about the hardware. An updated dresser in the kid’s bedroom may need more of a fun drawer pull. Simply switching out the hardware on a piece of furniture can have a huge impact. You can even take it further and completely replace the legs of the furniture to add a bit more style.

Use It for Something Completely Different

This tip will require a bit more creativity on your part, so leave this to the real DIYers. You don’t need to donate a piece of furniture once you get a new piece. Chances are, you can use said piece for something completely different. For example, you could convert a TV cabinet into a bar or an old side table into a pet bed. There are hundreds of ways to transform a piece—you just have to think outside of the box!

Reupholster It

Another simple yet effective way to transform an old furniture piece is by either reupholstering it or upholstering it all together. Add fabric to a coffee table or update your grandma’s old chair with some new paint and fresh fabric. You don’t have to leave upholstering to the pros—it makes for a fun weekend project when you do it on your own!

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