3 Common Misconceptions About Solar Panels

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3 Common Misconceptions About Solar Panels

Solar panels have exploded in popularity over the last decade, and with good reason. We’ve seen prices drop and energy savings skyrocket, leading many homeowners to wonder why everyone isn’t getting solar panels! Unfortunately, popularity also breeds myths and misconceptions. We’re here to debunk some by telling you about three common misconceptions about solar panels.

Solar Power Only Works When the Sun Is Out

This is a misconception that is completely understandable. After all, doesn’t “solar” mean “sun?” While that’s true, the sun doesn’t need to shine for solar panels to produce energy. While rainy days may be a bit less effective than bright days with clear skies, the sun’s rays still light up the planet.

On top of that, solar panels don’t mean that your only energy source is from the sun. Because most solar panel systems connect to the grid, your home will simply draw power from your local grid when your panels can’t produce enough energy on a given day.

Solar Panels Don’t Work in the Cold

The human brain is really good at convincing itself of some things. For instance, we often assume that when it’s cold outside, the sun isn’t working to its fullest extent. After all, every child’s drawing of a hot summer day includes an image of a smiling sun. In actuality, the light needed to obtain solar power is just as viable on a chilly winter day as it is during the summer.

In fact, solar panels are known to work a bit more effectively when it’s cold outside than when it’s warm!

Solar Panels Work During a Power Outage

When the sun shines and the power goes out, your panels should still work, right? Well, if your home is connected to the local grid, your panels will actually shut off. This is for the safety of the technicians working on power lines in your area. If you want your solar panels to work during a power outage, you’ll need to go off the grid.

Now that you know these three common misconceptions about solar panels, we hope you’ll consider making the switch to renewable energy and take steps to help the planet (while saving a lot of money).

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