The Simplest Ways To Make Your Pool More Fun

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The Simplest Ways To Make Your Pool More Fun

You likely remember the first time you saw or played in a pool. You probably made a run for those blue waters, diving in for a cannonball. Hours after your playful romp in chlorinated water, you likely felt as though you were still in the pool, wading through those waters.

However, if the novelty has faded and you have grown bored with the same old entertainment that your pool provides, there is no need to mope. There are countless ways to reinvigorate your excitement. Here are some simple ways you can make your pool more fun, and the best part is that the kids will love them too.

Maximize Your Relaxation

You might find yourself wanting more from your pool if you have never taken advantage of the depths of relaxation you can achieve. If you don’t already have one, purchase a large floating pool chair and just drift for as long as you please. Make sure you stay hydrated with a couple of drinks. You don’t even need to get up and out of the pool if you make a beverage boat out of pool noodles to keep you company.

Add Exciting Games

One thing many of us tend to forget is that there are so many different and exciting games you can play in the pool. If you love to get a workout in whenever you can, use your pool to play volleyball or basketball or challenge someone to a race. The best part is that you can invite a bunch of your friends over and make a party out of it. If you lean more toward fun activities, you can play underwater charades, Marco Polo, and even have a water balloon fight.

Get a Photo Op

So long as you have a little bit of imagination and creativity, there are countless simple things you can do to make your pool more fun. Just one of those exciting ways is to have an underwater photoshoot. You can get super creative with it—wear costumes, do your makeup, and create a storyboard. What’s more, you can find waterproof cameras for quite cheap nowadays, with many under 50 dollars.

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