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Neighborhood to be built on former country club

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A 145-acre residential neighborhood on what was formerly Germantown Country Club has been given the green light.
The city’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen unanimously approved the Glasgow planned unit development on Monday night in a public hearing during its regularly scheduled meeting.
The single family residential development consists of 366 lots.
The project is on the 178-acre site of the former country club at 1780 Kimbrough Road.
The outline plan was approved last July.
Around 123 homes have been reserved for residents 55 years old or older.
Homes are expected to range from $650,000 to $2.5 million.
Some of the amenities include pickleball courts, a pool and a 2-mile trail to the Wolf River Greenway Trail.
The city annexed the property in 1975.
The Farmington Kimbrough Development Groups agreed to purchase the closed country club in February of 2019.
In related news:
The Board unanimously approved a resolution supporting the restoration of the historical revenue-sharing relationship between Tennessee and local governments pertaining to state-shared sales tax and the single-article cap sales tax.
“The move by the Board stems from action the state took in response to a 2002 budget crisis.
Rules instituted at the time increased the SSST from 6-to-7-percent but prevented cities from receiving their share of the 1 percent increase.
The 2002 changes also prevented cities from benefiting from the increase in the single-item sales tax cap for items priced above $1,600.
In fiscal year 2021 alone, these changes amounted to a loss of an estimated $651,300 in SSST which would have otherwise been allocated to the City of Germantown.
In fact, since adoption of the new sales tax rate and related single-article sales tax cap, approximately $835 million has been diverted from Tennessee’s municipalities.”

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