How Small Businesses Can Compete Using Technology

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Standing out from the competition is a struggle for every small business. Communicating a business’ unique brand, services, and products in a way that rises above the online noise is the golden ring for small business owners. Learn how small business can compete using technology.

Think Globally, Act Locally

The internet is everywhere, but your business is somewhere. Your online presence and the way you serve your customers should reflect how you do business in person. Loyal, local supporters who enjoyed visiting your business can be critical in helping your business survive COVID-related lockdowns by drumming up support through their social media contacts.

Consider adding online chat software to your website, so customers who need assistance can reach an associate for advice. Small businesses can invest in quality imaging, so customers who haven’t visited before can get the “feel” of the business.


Customer relationship management software that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) features can help small businesses communicate with customers and clients in a highly personalized way. Machine learning capitalizes on customer data to personalize the customer experience. As a result, individual customers can receive alerts about products and services they want without being bombarded with messages that are irrelevant to them. AI helps improve targeting and efficiency.

Encourage Feedback

Small businesses need more than a social media presence: they need interaction. Those that make it clear to customers and clients that they read and respond to comments and reviews build relationships and loyalty.

Small businesses should make it easy for their website visitors to request help, offer comments, or write a review. Software that tracks social media and alerts business owners when comments or reviews appear can streamline the process of responding and keeping everything up to date.

Make Sure You’re Mobile

Small businesses that offer all their services online are ahead of the game—but this online presence can vanish if it doesn’t read well on customer’s phones. Businesses from metalworking to soap-making should ensure their business’ main website adapts to display on mobile phones. Some estimates state that people touch their phones thousands of times a day. Web content must be accessible and readable on small cellphone screens as well as on tablets and laptops.

Technology can improve productivity, gather and analyze data for better targeting for marketing efforts, and present a business as nimble and responsive. Small businesses can find cost effective ways to compete using technology.

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