Equipment Every Demolition Site Needs

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Just as it takes many tools to construct a building, it takes a full complement of equipment to tear one down. Demolition sites are abuzz with workers bearing tools and operating heavy machinery, many of which no job could do without. If you’re interested in demolition personally or professionally, keep an eye peeled for this equipment every demolition site needs.


It all starts here. The excavator is more than just a very large and very high-powered shovel. Excavators take on a variety of attachments that aid in demolition, whether by grabbing onto material or by tearing it apart. Excavators can even act as cranes for powerful electromagnets. An experienced operator will be able to harness this equipment to perform numerous tasks on site.

Excavator Grapple

The grapple, which attaches to your excavator to lift, move, and sort demolition material at the site, is an indispensable piece of equipment. Excavator grapples come in a variety of models, varying in power source, the number and size of teeth, and sheer capacity. Consider the scope of the projects you’ll be working on as you expand your grapple selection to tackle a wide range of demolition jobs.


Working with concrete? You’ll need this imposing machine to chew it up. An excavator attachment like the grapple, the pulverizer cuts and crushes concrete into the rubble you so often see on demolition sites, leaving only the steel reinforcement bars, or rebar, standing for other tools to take care of. The steel rebar within concrete is recyclable, and while it doesn’t fetch great rates, every penny counts.


Before and after the heavy demolition equipment comes into play, the Sawzall handles teardown at a smaller scale. Also known as a reciprocating saw, this high-powered saw cuts through wood and metal alike with remarkable facility, cutting long beams into smaller and more manageable pieces. If you don’t have the time or patience to disassemble or dislodge tricky pieces of material, trust your reciprocating saw to make the job a lot easier.


As synonymous with demolition as the wrecking ball, the bulldozer, which began as a military weapon, is now a piece of equipment every demolition site needs. While the excavator and its attachments work with a degree of precision on the site, bulldozing is all about raw power. This earth-moving equipment is essential for clearing space with brute strength. Not only can your bulldozer move material out of the way, but it can also finish off pesky construction that’s still standing.

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