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Best Tips for Preparing Your Car for an Auto Show

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Auto shows are an excellent opportunity to display your customized cars and historic automobiles. Classic car shows, in particular, provide you the chance to work on vehicles like your muscle car or vintage roadsters while stunning your fellow gear heads. Read on to find the best tips for preparing your car for an auto show.

Wash the Exterior

You’ll be exhibiting your vehicle to fellow show-goers, so it should appear pleasant and presentable. Instead of merely running it through the car wash, give it a thorough hand wash, gently combing over every surface. Then, let it dry. Using a microfiber cloth, gently wipe away any remaining streaks or dirt.

Make Your Tires Shine

One of the best tips for preparing your car for an auto show is to go the extra mile on presentation. When you arrive at the event, take a bottle of tire shine and a towel to your tires to help them appear like new. Avoid doing this before driving to the show since it will ruin all your hard work, and you will have to reapply it anyhow.

Give It a Good Coat of Wax

Find a nice, shaded area before coating the body of your car with wax. Look for a waxing product that will leave your vehicle with a deep, rich shine. To avoid swirls or scratches, apply wax in straight lines rather than circular motions.

Clean the Inside

Nobody wants to see a fast-food bag on the dashboard or cookie crumbs on the floor of your vehicle. Meticulously clean the interior by vacuuming, dusting, and wiping down all surfaces until it looks new. Use the proper automotive cleaning agents to provide the finest possible cleanliness without destroying vintage upholstery and other materials.

Make Your Modifications Beforehand

If you’ve been putting off making modifications to your car, such as replacing the grille with something more customized, now is the time to do it. While many people like to preserve vintage vehicles as close to their original state as possible, there are still many ways to customize your vehicle while keeping its original beauty, such as replacing the sound system or switching up the seat fabric.

Your preparation for the show should pay off handsomely. The more effort you put in, the more people will remember your vehicle long after the event has ended.

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