A Guide To Divorce During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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No one ever imagines they’ll be getting a divorce as they’re saying their vows. However, separation is sometimes what’s best for everyone. People wanting to get a divorce may have a hard time right now. These individuals should follow this guide to divorce during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Things Will Be Virtual

Though courtrooms are reopening, some are still trying to practice social distancing. For this reason, lots of courtrooms are holding hearings online. Here are a few tips to ensure your virtual case goes smoothly.

  • Make sure that your lawyer is beside you to give legal advice when you need it.
  • Make sure everyone’s Internet connections are strong so that you don’t cut out in the middle of the hearing.
  • Try your best not to speak over another party to avoid confusion.


You should always keep documentation when going through a divorce. It’s especially vital to do so during this time because things are being done virtually, and it’s easy for things to get lost. So, do your best to keep diligent track of everything. Make copies of everything and record every interaction with your ex and lawyer. You want to make sure you have anything you need going into your hearing.

Child Custody

COVID-19 may impact your child custody case, as well. During this time, exes need to offer each other a little grace. It may not be safe to transfer the child from one home to another. As a result, the child may have to stay at one parent’s longer than normal. In such instances, the other parent should get unlimited virtual time while they have to be away from their kid. Additionally, each party has to be honest about whether they’ve been around someone with COVID or if they’re experiencing symptoms.

This guide to divorce during the COVID-19 pandemic will help people navigate a complicated matter during a difficult time. The truth is, the pandemic has made divorce even more challenging than it already was. That’s why people need to be even more prepared for the unexpected right now.

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