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Speed limit set to 25 mph on ‘minor streets’

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In an unanimous vote, the Germantown Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved the establishment of a designated speed limit of 25 MPH on all minor streets in the City, effective immediately.

“I am very pleased with our Board’s support to reduce speed limits within minor streets in our neighborhoods,” said Mayor Mike Palazzolo.

“Our City takes great pride in public safety, this is another example of looking out for our families, children, cyclists, runners and walkers throughout Germantown,” Palazzolo added.

General speed restrictions in Germantown were established by an ordinance in 1986.

At that time, the speed limit was established at 35 MPH, but could be adjusted up or down based upon engineering or traffic investigation.

The resolution passed by the BMA allows the speed limit on all minor streets in residential neighborhoods to be lowered citywide to 25 MPH.

“We receive many complaints from our community related to speeding in these areas and we respond with some directed enforcement efforts which may or may not be long lasting,” said Deputy Police Chief Rodney Bright. “An engineering related change normally results in a more permanent solution and we certainly hope that is the case; however, we will continue to have focused patrols to address any non-compliant drivers.”

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