4 Steps To Take To Upgrade Your Basement

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4 Steps To Take To Upgrade Your Basement

The basement of any building tends to be an overlooked area. Out of sight usually means out of mind, and people often relegate it to being a storage space or simply leave it unused and empty. That’s a waste of tremendous potential. Don’t let all that extra room just sit there. With a few adjustments, you can turn that dark and dingy place into a new useful room for fun, business, or both. Here are four steps to take to upgrade your basement.

Watch Out for Water

One of the biggest steps toward refinishing a basement is tackling any existing or potential moisture. It’s heartbreaking and expensive to invest a ton of time and money in refinishing the space, only to have a big storm or unchecked mold damage it. Always consult an expert about waterproofing your home. But before you do that, thoroughly check the walls, floors, and ceiling. Address and caulk cracks and holes that allow water in immediately, and check corners and walls for mold growth. Look at the perimeter outside as well, clearing the foundation of plant growth, piled up trash and soil, and other things that can bring water into the space.

Fix Up the Floor

The basement floor is likely a concrete or cement slab. If it’s very old and cracked in multiple places, it’s likely time to hire professionals for concrete floor removal and replacement. If it’s still reasonably intact, consider a tasteful paint job. Basement floor paint doesn’t just beautify a dull concrete floor; it protects it from moisture, dust, fluids, and constant foot traffic as well. Don’t use just any paint. Choose a special formula epoxy resin and hardener in the color you prefer. This creates a protective and colorful shield.

Let There Be Light

Lighting is very important when upgrading a basement. While window wells may be present, you won’t get much natural lighting down there. Install wall sconces and overhead lighting, considering the amount of headroom available. If you’re going for a homely and cozy look, place table lamps and standing lamps in the corners of the room and on and near the furniture. If it’s more of a work or meeting space, keep the overhead lighting subtle and easily adjustable with a dimmer switch.

Bring In Lively Colors

The last of our four steps to take to upgrade your basement is livening it up with a nice color scheme. The color scheme can be professional or whimsical, but you should keep it bright to take advantage of what little lighting you have down there. Choose glossy to semi-gloss paints that reflect that light while providing the illusion of more space. Accent rugs and carpeting can further give the area more life and warmth and provide greater pleasure than a cold gray cement floor. Experiment with samples to find the best textures and colors available.

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