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When self reliance fails, call your spouse

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a forgetful fellow.

Whether its setting every key that I own on the hood of my wife’s car minutes before she drives the kids to school (yes, they’re long gone) or forgetting the names of my current medications while at the doctor’s office, I can be a basket case when it comes to recollecting seemingly mundane things.

Sure, I make lists and even try to organize on occasion to unclutter the old cerebellum. However, this is usually only a temporary deviation and matters always seem to regress to the mean.

I can remember the Pythagorean theorem and Foucault’s theory on the subversion of power from middle and high school, respectively, but just ask me where my Memphis Zoo membership card is currently.

Couldn’t tell you.

Fortunately, I haven’t had to rely solely on myself for the past 20 years thanks to my wife, Shannon.

You see, she doesn’t forget anything.

At least, the types of things that my brain never seems to retain.

When a school employee or pediatrician needs to know each of our children’s social security numbers at a moment’s notice, shoot, don’t even think about phoning me.

I had to use my fingers to count back to my daughter’s birth year (hey, I know the date, month and age) at the pharmacy last week.

Want to know the old telephone number of the apartment we rented in 2000, for whatever reason, she’ll know.

Curious about the release dates of any upcoming streaming shows, movies, etc.

She’s got you.

She has always been encyclopedic about these sorts of things and it is astonishing to me.

That is why, on her birthday (Oct. 14), I would like to say thank you, Shannon.

Without you I’d be an even bigger mess.

But how did you not see that cluster of 15 keys fastened to a carabiner resting on the hood of your car!

Birthday wishes from the kids:

“You are a kind, caring, silly, good baker of a Mom.” – Lorelei

“We all love you.” – Loudon

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