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What’s the Difference Between Raw Honey and Pure Honey?

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It’s easy to read past the label on a honey jar and not think twice. However, for many customers and businesses, the distinctions between pure and raw honey are crucial. In this article, we’ll discuss what you should know about each of these syrups and clarify the difference between raw honey and pure honey. Let’s get started.

Raw Honey

Apart from conventional honey, raw honey is the most sought-after honey product. Unlike pure honey, raw honey is collected directly from an active beehive. This means it does not undergo a pasteurization process. When manufacturers pasteurize honey, they heat it to a specific temperature, which kills off some of the honey’s most potent health benefits. For example, the honey will have fewer antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties after pasteurization.

Pure Honey

Now that we’ve clarified what raw honey is, let’s examine the properties and use of pure honey. Many businesses and customers struggle to distinguish pure honey from conventional honey because the two are so similar. Both pure and traditional honey undergo pasteurization; however, there’s one significant difference: taste. This is because most manufacturers of conventional honey add ingredients to their syrup formulas. Sweetener, flavor, and color additives are all common ingredients you’ll find on the backs of these product bottles. In comparison, pure honey doesn’t include any added ingredients or flavor-enhancers.

Choosing Between These Two Syrups

Still unsure which syrup will be the best investment? If so, consider your company’s purpose and target audience. Having a good understanding of what purpose your products serve will make it simpler to choose bulk and wholesale honey products for sale.

Since raw honey contains more natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, companies that sell health, healing, or cosmetics products should invest in this syrup. Pure honey, on the other hand, is a lighter and more delicious syrup for restaurants, cafés, and other food and beverage businesses to include in recipes.

So what’s the difference between pure and raw honey? It turns out that the main distinction between these two syrups boils down to their manufacturing process. Review these characteristics and consider of these two syrups will best serve your customers.

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