What You Should Know About Riding Your Motorcycle at Night

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What You Should Know About Riding Your Motorcycle at Night

Riding a motorcycle is dangerous at any hour of the day, but the risk only grows when the sun goes down. Night riding can be a very relaxing experience, but it’s also the worst time for motorcycle accidents. Read on to learn what you should know about riding your motorcycle at night and how to be as safe as possible.

Hidden Dangers

Knowing what to look for can make the difference between a nasty accident and a close call. There are two dangers that not all riders think about. They are inebriated drivers and animals on the road. Crashing into a deer can be devastating, so you should pay close attention to signage indicating when areas have many animals.

Drunk drivers are more difficult to plan for. However, you need to keep a watchful eye at night more than at any other time. Fatal accidents involving alcohol and motorcycles often occur at night.

Light Up the Night

All the biggest dangers of night riding come down to visibility for you and other drivers. Stronger lights solve both problems because it’s easier for drivers to see headlights and taillights with higher lumen outputs. And more lumens mean you can see better, too. Incandescent bulbs are a relic of a bygone era—there’s no reason not to use LED lights on your bike.

LEDs produce cleaner white light than incandescent bulbs and give off more illumination. Both of these factors make things clearer on the road. So these are two of the most important factors to consider when buying a headlight for a Harley, Honda, or any other motorcycle.

Night Vision

It’s no secret that your eyesight is your biggest ally when riding at night. Even powerful LEDs can only illuminate so much. That’s why you should use other lights to your advantage. Keep an eye on the area in front of other vehicles. Their headlights can illuminate debris, potholes, and animals just like yours. Additionally, choose roads with streetlights on them if you can. The more you can see, the better.

Now that you understand what you should know about riding your motorcycle at night, you should pick up some LEDs and stay vigilant.

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