What to Do If Your Tire Blows Out on The Road

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As summer approaches, it’s nearly the perfect time to embark on a road trip. A common issue that can arise during a trip is car problems, such as a blown-out tire. If you haven’t dealt with this situation before, it may seem like a scary experience. However, by following the protocols of what to do if your tire blows out on the road, you’ll get your car fixed and ready to go in no time.

Keep Calm & Steady

When a tire blowout occurs, you’ll hear it. That sharp bang can catch even the most seasoned drivers off guard. It’s important not to panic when it happens. Flip on your hazards and don’t hit your brakes. In fact, you should keep your car slightly accelerated. When the blowout occurs, keep the car straight and lightly put your foot on the acceleration.

Safely Pull Over

When it’s safe to do so, pull over to the shoulder of the road. Cars will still be flying past you on the road, so be sure to keep an eye out for them while you’re on the side of the road. To bring your car to a stop, slowly decelerate until you go below 30mph. Then, lightly apply your brakes as you pull over.

Get Help

Finding and waiting for help can create some frustration, especially if you’re in a different state. For instance, if you take a trip from Germantown to somewhere in North Carolina, your tires could burst along the way in a random town, such as Greenville. Luckily, even Greenville has a local tire shop that can repair tires free of charge, if they can be repaired. Although the area you break down in may seem alien, don’t worry. They most likely will have someone who can help you. Additionally, many insurance companies offer free roadside assistance for customers. Be sure to call your insurance provider to see if they offer roadside assistance.

Knowing what to do if your tire blows out on the road is essential. Now that you’re aware of the proper steps to take in this event, you can take action immediately and hopefully bypass some of the stress that accompanies car troubles. It may not be the time for taking road trips now, but the time for making such plans will return.

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