What Makes Plastic Gears So Effective To Use?

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What Makes Plastic Gears So Effective To Use?

Without plastics, we would cycle through materials faster than we could keep up with the increasing demand for products. Plastics are mostly renewable these days and are in countless items, and among them are gears. So what makes plastic gears so effective to use, and how do they outperform everything else on the market?


Because you can mold them to perfection and maintain that mold under high heat and stress, plastic gears are some of the most accurate gears you can have. They even outshine metal gears because metals will wear out long before plastics even begin to do so. As long as you know how to care for and safely maintain your plastic gears, they’ll last a long time.

Sheer Strength

The capacity that plastics have is incredible because they bind so well. The molecular strain of the polymers is complex but less dense in structure than other materials. Therefore, plastic gears can take on lots of pressure without shattering. They can support weight well for long periods and see virtually no wear.

Low Friction and Noise

Plastic gears are resin-based parts, which means that they come from oil-based polymers. Because they come from oils, they can get slick and won’t stick or fuse together. This information also means that the smooth bores and sides of the plastic gears result in little to no noise while in use.

Light Weight

And, of course, because of their less complex molecular structure, plastic gears weigh only a fraction of what their metal counterparts do. This characteristic makes it exceptionally easy to handle them during the repair or construction of engines or any mechanical device that uses plastic gears.


The resin within the plastic offers another benefit when it comes to friction and heat. Astonishingly, when the material faces heat and friction, it produces a certain amount of lubricant as a buffer between it and whatever adds the tension.

This lubricant prevents the piece from getting stuck and burning immediately. This benefit is great when you use plastic as gears, as they’re under constant tension and heat. So you don’t have to worry about greasing the gears as you would with metal gears that do the same job.

Now you know what makes plastic gears so effective to use and why many choose them in industrial settings. Consider implementing them into your applications as well.

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