What Are the Best Menu Items for Concession Stands?

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What Are the Best Menu Items for Concession Stands?

A good concession stand has delicious options that spark a variety of tastebuds. However, it’s challenging to figure out what you should sell. If you want to know the best menu items for concession stands, check out this list. And don’t forget to add these options to your menu!


Cookies are great treats to sell because they’re small, convenient, and tasty. For your stand, you should offer chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, sugar, and peanut butter cookies. However, given the possibility of nut allergies, it’s best to arrange the cookies in separate containers (and packaging) to avoid mishaps.


Nachos are an inexpensive crowd-pleaser that you can serve. After selecting your chip and melted cheese option, think about potential toppings. What do you think people will want on their nachos? Perhaps hot peppers and guacamole, or maybe pulled pork and ground beef. Select toppings that you think customers will love.

Snow Cones

On a hot summer day, people can cool off with a tasty snow cone. This delicious frozen treat is great for kids and adults as the flavor varieties are endless. Ensure you select the best snow cone flavors to offer this summer and get ready for tons of smiles and sales!


Another refreshing menu item is soda. After all, what’s better than a cold beverage with concession snacks? Offer cola and lemon lime-flavored sodas, and don’t forget to add diet or low-sugar options. In addition, you can sell sparkling water or juice as another carbonated option.

Popcorn and Chips

Popcorn and chips are the best menu items for concession stands because they’re the staple concession snacks. People will gravitate toward this food selection, whether your stand is at a sporting event, carnival, or fair. If you need ideas on what type of popcorn and chips to serve, consider the following:

  • Cheese popcorn
  • Butter popcorn
  • Caramel popcorn
  • Barbecue-flavored chips
  • Sea salt chips
  • Jalapeno-flavored chips


A common big seller item at concession stands is candy. From chocolate bars to gummy treats, you can make a nice profit from sweet confections! Select five to seven different types of candy and offer them at your stand. And if you want to get rid of candy fast, sell them for half price!

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