Ways To Treat Separation Anxiety in Dogs

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Dogs have been raised to be man’s best friend for millennia, so it’s only natural that your dog may have trouble leaving your side for too long. This type of unease formed from being apart from their favorite human is called separation anxiety and is common in many dogs and even cats. Separation anxiety can cause your dog to start acting in strange and often mischievous ways that may sever the bond between the two of you. Before you let it completely tear you apart from your furry friend, take a look at these ways to treat separation anxiety in dogs.

Don’t Make a Big Deal Out of Leaving or Arriving

It’s easier said than done, but one of the ways to ease your pup’s separation anxiety is to leave without a word. A quick and painless parting will relay to your dog that nothing is out of the ordinary and that you’ll be back. If your dog begins jumping and barking when you come home, it’s essential that you ignore that behavior. Wait for them to calm down before giving your dog attention. Getting excited with them and riling them up will only reinforce the jumping behavior, which may deter guests from your home.

Dogs are intelligent creatures and may pick up on the mannerisms you frequently do before leaving the house. You may need to switch up your routine every so often or do part of your leaving routine without actually leaving the house to show your dog that they have nothing to worry about.

Consider Medication

With a vet’s permission, you may consider providing your pup with calming, anxiety-relieving medications or supplements. These can keep your dog calm even while you’re away at work or doing your daily chores. You should consider a prescription for anxiety if your dog experiences separation anxiety on top of anxiety caused by other factors, such as thunder or fireworks.

Leave Your Dog at a Daycare or Boarding Service

Why would your dog be anxious about being away from you if they’re having fun? Much like a daycare service for a child, an excellent dog daycare provides your pup with love and socialization all day long. Many dog daycares allow you to visit before signing your dog up so you can go the extra mile to make sure they will be happy and safe.

When you have to leave for an extended amount of time, like a weeklong vacation, a quality boarding service provides your dog with care the entire time you’re away. Consider boarding your dog with a service you trust, such as the daycare service you already use. This way, other dogs and people who care about your pup will provide constant socialization to your precious canine.

Every dog is unique, and different tactics will work for different pet owners. Don’t let separation anxiety take over your friendship with your dog—know the different ways to treat separation anxiety in dogs before you give up on them.

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