Ways To Keep Yourself Safe While Fishing This Fall

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Summer may be over, but anglers still head to the water for fishing trips, despite the less hospitable weather. But because of the shift to colder temperatures, it’s necessary to know some ways to keep yourself safe while fishing this fall. Make sure you don’t endanger yourself or others by failing to prepare for the harsher conditions and the unique dangers the season presents.

Dress for the Colder Weather

One of the most important things you can do—and something many people neglect—is to dress appropriately for the colder weather. Dress in layers to protect against the cold and prevent the chilly autumn breeze from cutting straight through the fabric. Being on the water will make the area seem colder, so you may need to bring more layers in case what you wear isn’t warm enough.

You also need to make sure you have the appropriate waders to keep your clothes from absorbing water. The layered clothing will protect you from the breeze and air, but the moment they get wet, it starts freezing you. Know what to consider when getting your waders to make sure you have the best pair for the situation.

Make Sure Everyone Has a Life Jacket

If you and your party decide to head out on a boat, it’s critical to make sure everyone has a life jacket on, even if the water is shallow. It’s easy to leave your life jackets behind during the summer months, but they’re a necessity when the water temperatures drop.

If someone falls overboard, the shock of the cold water may be too much for their system to handle. The body can shut down and stop working in freezing water, and the only thing keeping people afloat will be their life jackets.

Bring an Extra Set of Clothes

In the worst-case scenario, someone falls overboard, their body goes into shock, and they start suffering from hypothermia. When this happens, the best thing you can do is offer a second set of clothing so they can switch out of their wet clothes. Leaving people in their cold, wet clothing will only lower their body temperature, furthering the damage the cold does to them.

Bring an extra set, or even a few extra sets, of clothing in case one or more people fall off the boat into freezing water. Leaving them to sit in their freezing clothes will only endanger them and risk shutting their body down due to excessive cold.

Don’t Get Caught by Surprise

Heading out with some methods to keep you safe for fall fishing is essential; the colder weather poses a subtle yet significant threat that you can’t ignore. Have the appropriate safety equipment and know what to do in case someone is in immediate danger.

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