September 25, 2023

Unique Military Artifacts Worth Collecting

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Unique Military Artifacts Worth Collecting

Military memorabilia and artifacts are unique treasures to find and own. You can find these items in antique shops or through various military enthusiasts; some are worth a pretty penny when appropriately restored. If you’re looking to get into this type of collecting, here is a list of extraordinary objects to get you started!

Uniforms and Helmets

Uniforms and helmets are relatively easy to acquire and are even easier to display in a collection. With these, you can recreate a bodice form to piece together the style of war. The uniforms of today and the past are dramatically different, so having these in a military collection is a unique way to pay respects and resurface some of history’s most pivotal moments.


Collecting military vehicles requires a different level of expertise. The primary concept behind their design was combat-ready, all-terrain 4x4s. Because the technology to manufacture vehicles has evolved significantly, finding a trustworthy parts vendor is essential to ensure a fully accurate restoration. These vendors can also help you determine if a vehicle was used in the military or not.


Similar to uniforms and helmets, medals are worth collecting because they signify great honor and bring the uniforms to life. If you can obtain enough medals for a collector’s uniform, you can capture a soldier’s story and increase the collection’s overall value. Each medal is worth a specified amount, specific to its honor, and has a great story to tell.

Calvary Swords

Calvary swords are unique artifacts; there aren’t many in circulation today. The best place to hunt one down is at an auction, but be prepared to spend a few grand on one. These are worth collecting because of how symbolic they are to the military’s weaponry evolution, perfectly accompanying a uniform collection.

Antique Firearms

Dabbling with antique firearms is a unique hobby for those who own today’s consumer-ready firearms. It’s not advised to use these firearms as they are more for show, but adding some of these to your gun safe is both a privilege and challenge. Following the local gun regulations before adding one of these to your collection is essential.

When it’s time to shell out money for collectibles, it’s challenging to decide what is worth it. Military artifacts come with the unique power of paying tribute to our history as a nation and the evolution of technology for everyday things. Prioritize your wish list and watch your collection come to life, fully combat-ready!

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