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Town prepares for large-scale waterline project down Poplar

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As the town prepares to undergo a “complicated” 2-mile waterline project that will striate one of the busiest corridors in Collierville, Town Engineer Dale Perryman is calling for “all hands on deck.”

On Monday night, the town’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved a $4.16 million contract with Argo Construction Corporation to install around 12,000-feet of piping down Poplar Ave. between Collierville-Arlington and Byhalia roads.

Hoping to see the bid go to a local company, Alderman Billy Patton voted against the contract.

Patton said he would be willing to pay more for the project if the money would “stay local.”

Argo was the lowest bidder by $282,488. Collierville based Madden Phillips was the second lowest bidder.

“Anything that is a big purchase like this,” Patton said, “I’d like to see it stay locally.”

Board members approved $5 million for the waterline project in the 2017-18 fiscal year budget.

Because the waterline is on a state route, the plan had to meet TDOT design standards.

Due to the sheer scale of the project and the traffic implications, work will be done in 12 phases over nearly two years.

The first two phases will be completed over 115 days this summer and fall.

They consist of the installation of waterlines from Eastley Street to Mt. Pleasant Road.
“We’re going to try not to disrupt Poplar traffic too much,” Perryman said. “But this will have a big impact on traffic.”
Perryman said that brochures will be distributed to residents and businesses along Poplar Ave. to inform them of the coming changes.
Noting the impact of the project, Perryman said that all of the town’s departments will likely lend a hand at some point.

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