December 11, 2023

Top Smart Amenities for Your Home

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The internet of things is developing rapidly. Each day our living spaces become “smarter,” with gadgets and appliances that can anticipate and adapt to our schedules and our needs. Smart devices save time and make life easier by managing the details of our homes. Luxury homes and high-end apartments are early adopters of smart technology, but many smart devices are now widely available and reasonably affordable. Here are some top smart amenities for your home.


Imagine waking up to a home that knows what time you get out of bed and what temperature you prefer in the morning and overnight. Especially in colder climates, when you lower the heat at night to conserve energy and sleep comfortably, it’s unpleasant to come out from under the covers to a cold room. A smart thermostat also saves energy by turning down the heat when you’re not home but turns it up in time to makes sure you’re comfortable when you get home from work.

High-Speed Internet

While not yet available in all areas, high-speed connections over fiber optic cables are high on the list of smart home technologies. Smart devices are “smart” because they connect through your home network to communicate with you and your mobile devices. Your home network affects the quality of your communication with these devices and their ability to send information to the cloud for you to review later.

Smart Security

Smart security devices like doorbells and security cameras connect over your network to obtain and store information in the cloud. High-speed networks enable these devices to work fast and transmit a lot of data, like security video, quickly to the cloud, so you can access it remotely.

Some apartment complexes have smart locks with keyless entry. Coordinating apps allow residents to admit cleaners, pet care providers, and maintenance workers. The device will keep a log of when someone entered and when they left the home. These connected devices will alert you whenever your door opens and can coordinate with the overall security system to send alerts via the app on your phone.


Controlling lighting remotely means you can turn the lights on inside your home when you’re not in it. You can also control smart lights with presets that perform specified functions, like dimming, at certain times. Smart lights can turn off or on depending on when you enter or exit a room, and they also save energy by knowing when they’re not needed on sunny days or when no one is using a room.

Voice-Activated Assistants

More than just music players or ways to search for information, voice-activated assistants can integrate with compatible home management platforms to relay information about scheduled maintenance and service outages.

Smart Appliances

Refrigerators that make grocery lists for you, dishwashers that anticipate maintenance needs, and TVs that connect to streaming services with built-in features are entering more homes every day. These appliances are also more energy-efficient and cost-effective because they’ll remind you to do preventative maintenance before small problems become larger.

These are just a few of the top smart amenities for your home. Whether you live in a single-family home or a new apartment development, smart features are here to stay.

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