Tips To Prepare Your Home for Roof Replacement

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Tips To Prepare Your Home for Roof Replacement

Are you thinking of getting your roof replaced? If so, there are a ton of things you should do to prepare. For many people, there’s a misconception that you don’t need to do anything, but there are always preparations you should complete beforehand. What are they? Check out our tips to prepare your home for roof replacement.

Think About the Kids

It’s not a secret that construction work is loud. These loud noises can disturb your sleep or even increase anxiety. If you have kids in the house, make sure you tell them what’s happening. If your curious kids want to watch the process, let them know they have to stand far away. Construction work zones are dangerous, so you can’t leave out this step.

You’ll want to ensure your kids also understand that certain areas at home won’t be accessible until the job is done. There are several mistakes that roofers can make, including not following rules and regulations. This includes safety. Make sure your kids are safe and keep them out of the way. You might want to visit friends or family during this time since it’ll probably be difficult to do normal activities like watching TV.

Remove Wall Decorations

Hammer and machinery vibrations can travel through the walls of your home. You’ll also want to consider how your wall and ceiling decorations will affect the vibrations from the construction workers’ tools. Removing decorations that aren’t nailed or screwed into the wall might be wise. If you have hanging light fixtures, you should remove them so they don’t fall during construction.

Don’t Forget Your Attic

Installers are going to work right above your attic. The pounding of hammers and construction tools is bound to cause dirt and dust to fall in. Because of this, if you don’t cover things in your attic, dust and debris will accumulate on your possessions. Cover your items with old clothes or linens to mitigate this problem until the roofers are finished. Finally, vacuum after construction is finished. This is an excellent tip to prepare your home for roof replacement.

In short, getting work done on your roof is a serious endeavor, and you must prepare for it. Keeping everyone in the loop of what’s acceptable, removing your decorations, and prepping your attic are good first steps. This list isn’t exhaustive, but it has everything you need to get started.

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