Tips To Help You Operate a Dump Truck

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If you’re new to the material transportation industry, operating a regulation dump truck for the first time can be intimidating. Weighing thousands of pounds and equipped with intricate moving parts, these pieces of machinery are something you should never underestimate on the job. Because they can be so dangerous, it’s crucial that you have all you need to use them properly, especially when operating around other workers. In addition to your official training, use these tips to help you operate a dump truck to get the most out of the experience.

Always Perform Pre-Operation Inspections

Before you even get in the driver’s seat, it’s crucial that you make sure your machine is in working condition. Though your truck might look fine on the surface, there could still be something wrong underneath the hood that will hinder its performance and safety. Because of this, you must always perform a pre-operation inspection in which you examine everything from the engine to the dumping mechanics prior to every job.

Keep Up With Maintenance

If you want your truck to run correctly, it’s also important that you dedicate yourself to its overall maintenance. This includes getting regularly scheduled tune-ups, replacing faulty parts, and keeping up with cleanings between jobs. Even the liner installed in the bed of your truck has its own set of preventative maintenance tasks that you will need to perform. Therefore, taking the time now to perform these tasks can greatly increase the efficiency of your equipment in the long-run.

Unload Deliveries With a Partner

Another vital tip to help you operate a dump truck is to always unload deliveries with a partner directing you. Dump trucks are large and, as a result, have very disorienting blinds spots. This lack of visibility can make it very difficult to tell where you should park for a drop-off or how close you are to the surrounding workers. So, it helps to have another set of eyes outside the vehicle to help you see all the potential hazards and direct you around them.

Only Dump Materials on Level Ground

Additionally, you should never dump materials when your truck is sitting on uneven ground. This can result in its weight being pushed to one side, which can ultimately cause it to flip over. To avoid this, always have your partner direct you to even ground before backing into position. Only after you’ve parked can you start moving the bed upward.

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