Tips for Upgrading Your Apartment Building’s Laundry Room

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Tips for Upgrading Your Apartment Building’s Laundry Room

The laundry room in an apartment complex can be your biggest selling point or your tenants’ worst nightmare. Great laundry rooms will entice new applicants, while less-than-optimal laundry rooms may earn you negative reviews online. What can you do to be in the former group? Read on to learn these tips for upgrading your apartment building’s laundry room.

Upgrade Your Machines

New washers and dryers are better for everyone. For your residents, they’ll enjoy quicker washes and more effective ones, too! And for you, you’ll see the benefits quickly when you look at your next utility bill. Updated machines use less water and power to achieve the same—if not better—results than their ancient predecessors.

Get More Machines

Laundry rooms can be busy places, and tenants don’t enjoy lugging their clothes down to the laundry room only to discover that they need to wait for a machine to become available. Adding more machines can make the experience better for everyone and reduce the number of complaints you receive.

Update Your Lighting

A clean look is just as important as actual cleanliness! Too many laundry rooms continue to use outdated lighting that makes everything look dingy and dirty. Switching to modern LED lighting will not only make everything look better, but you’ll also save some money because LEDs are so efficient.

Add Vending Machines

Tasty food and beverages can make all the difference when you’re stuck in a laundry room for an hour or more. Patrons will appreciate the gesture, and you may even make a few extra dollars from the snacks you sell.

With all these upgrades, it makes sense to implement cost-saving strategies in your laundry room. There are a lot of great ways to save money on your building’s laundry room, from switching to mobile payments to encouraging your residents to wash with cold water.

Now that you know these tips for upgrading your apartment building’s laundry room, take your in-apartment laundromat to the next level and keep your tenants happy for years to come.

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