December 8, 2023

Tips for Setting Up a Small Garage Workshop

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Tips for Setting Up a Small Garage Workshop

Whether you’re a fabrication professional or hobbyist, a garage workshop is an excellent place to complete projects. Follow these tips for setting up a small garage workshop and create the right workspace!

Start With a Clear Space

Don’t set up your workspace on top of miscellaneous items inside the garage. Always start with a clean and clear space! Remove clutter and prep your garage for the workshop setup. While clearing the area, be mindful of floor space. Exposed walkways and floors prevent trips and falls. It’s also easier to access tools and equipment. Ultimately, a clear area creates a user-friendly workshop!

Add an Electrical/ HVAC System

While setting up a small garage workshop, it’s important to add an electrical and HVAC system inside the space. A functional workshop has electrical adapters and outlets to power equipment. Most garages don’t have insulation, making the room muggy during the summer and frigid during the winter. The HVAC system ensures proper heating and cooling year-round. Work on projects without dealing with uncomfortable conditions.

Incorporate Versatile Tools

It’s impossible to carry every tool inside a small garage workshop. That said, it’s best to incorporate versatile tools for different applications. For example, metal and wood are materials you can cut with a band saw because it’s a reliable tool for fabrication!

Furthermore, it’s important to carry the basics like a hammer, utility knife, screwdriver, and nail bits. You may have some of these tools on hand; nevertheless, you can accumulate equipment over time. Visit the local hardware store and stock up.

Don’t Forget About Lighting

Most garages have minimal lighting. But when it comes to workshops, it’s critical to have adequate lighting in the space. You operate power tools and heavy equipment, and you need to see the workpieces. The right lighting keeps you safe and on track! High-intensity lighting like LEDs is a great choice for garage workshops. Add overhead lighting to ensure proper illumination. You can also add bulbs over workstations and benches for extra brightness.

Think About Storage Space

Cluttered workspaces aren’t ideal for any workshop setup. That said, it’s essential to think about storage space. Add toolboxes, overhead cabinets, and open shelves inside the workspace. Corkboards and pegboards are helpful features too! Ideally, you want a designated place for all the tools and equipment.

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