December 11, 2023

Tips for Exercising Outside During the Summer With Asthma

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Tips for Exercising Outside During the Summer With Asthma

The summertime is here, and while there are beautiful breezy days, there are also days when it’s so hot that you stay indoors. Heatwaves can trigger asthma symptoms. For people with asthma, doing an outdoor activity or rigorous workout cause exercise-induced asthma, and doing it in hot weather can be dangerous.

Knowing how to manage your exercise-induced asthma in hot weather conditions will help you avoid asthma symptoms and get your workout in peacefully. Use these tips for exercising outside during the summer with asthma to help you get through the hot summer days while staying active.

Always Check the Weather

Before heading on your walk or run this summer, check the weather. Don’t let the heat catch you by surprise. Also, check the pollen count, air quality index, and the “feels like” section before venturing out for the day. If the air quality is poor, has a high pollen count, or feels like 100 degrees outside due to humidity, it would be best to stay indoors.

Don’t Forget Your Rescue Inhaler

Be sure to bring your rescue inhaler when working out. If you feel short of breath, take a few puffs to feel relief. It would help if you took your time while exercising outdoors. Consider doing a warm-up before heading out to prepare your body for rigorous activity.

Bring Your Phone With You

Take your phone with you during your workout and stay close to home. If you’re working out by yourself, you should tell a friend or family member where you’re going, and they should keep their phone on standby in case of an emergency. If anything happens, you want to get help quickly by calling an emergency contact.

Know Your Body’s Limits

If you need to take a break, listen to your body and take one. The summertime demands more energy because your muscles work hard while your skin tries to stay cool. Take your time and do light exercises on scorching days.

H2O Is Your Best Friend

Asthma or not, you should always make sure you stay hydrated while working out outdoors, especially during the summer. You sweat more due to increasing temperatures, meaning you burn more energy. To prevent asthma flair-ups, make sure you stay hydrated.

Have fun this summer, but be safe! Make sure you take the necessary precautions to have a safe time while doing outdoor activities. Use these tips for exercising outside during the summer with asthma to ensure you manage your asthma and prevent any asthma-induced incidents.

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