Tips for Decorating Your Home With Quilts

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Quilts have a long history in the United States as family heirlooms, storytelling devices, and incredible works of art. If you own one and you’re looking to do right by every stitch, displaying it as part of your home décor is a great way to go. Here are a few tips for decorating your home with quilts the right way.

Display Quilts Like Artwork

Quilts in décor have a bad habit of ending up politely resigned to being folded over the back of a couch. Considering the amount of hard work and love that goes into each stitch, displaying your quilt as a framed or hung piece of artwork is a great alternative.

Larger quilts can complement the colors of a room’s furniture or stand out to create a focal point. Hanging one on the wall behind your bed also adds to the coziness of a room while still allowing you to celebrate the fabric.

Avoid Damage From Direct Sunlight

Beyond water damage, one of the most unfortunate hazards to quilts is sun damage. Exposure to direct sunlight for days on end can slowly lift out the stunning colors of hand-dyed fabric and leave your quilt looking aged.

Position your quilt on a wall or surface where the sun won’t shine on it for all hours of the day. Doing this will help preserve the details longer and keep it looking stunning for years to come.

Make It Personal or Tell a Story

Decorating with a quilt means much more when it’s one that you’ve created by hand. Choosing to hang a design of your own adds to the personality of your house and makes a space feel comfortable. You can use this opportunity to tell your family’s story on fabric or design around a room’s theme.

If you choose to make your own quilt as décor, you must select the right batting for the interior. As you aren’t using the quilt as a blanket, the softest cotton may not be the right choice. It might shrink over time.

Following these tips for decorating your home with quilts doesn’t have to give your house an old-fashioned feel if that isn’t what you want. Geometric designs and stunning quilt colors all keep these fabrics alive. And when you display them openly, they’re truly a sight to behold.

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