The Best Ways To Keep Mice Away from a Home

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Domesticated mice can make the perfect family pets, but mice that get into your home from the outdoors can be unsanitary and destructive. They can also be frightening sights to your little ones. Read about some of the best ways to keep mice away from a home so that your place remains rodent free.

Use the Proper Windows and Doors

Creepy-crawlies will have a harder time breaking into your place if you have strong windows and doors. Make sure that these items are as secure as possible so that nothing surprises you at night. Strong storm doors are perfect for providing the protection you need. Also, be sure to keep mice out of your window wells by getting custom covers and using a durable sealant.


As unpleasant as it sounds, mice can make their ways into your walls. Consequently, you need to double up and ensure that nothing can penetrate your walls. Here are some things to do during the process:

  • Research proper insulation companies and ask for reviews before signing on the dotted line.
  • Ask to be present during the insulation process to ensure that no step goes overlooked.
  • Call an exterminator to fumigate any animal that’s found during production.

Use Strong Smells

Mice rely on their sense of smell more than their sight. For this reason, try to incorporate strong-smelling aspects into your place’s design. Things such as growing a peppermint garden in your yard will definitely keep the creatures at bay. Cinnamon may also keep them away more than you’d think.

These are just some of the best ways to keep mice away from a home. Other ways include keeping a dry basement and making sure the kiddos don’t leave crumbs everywhere. Even if you think mice are cute, they aren’t worth having your furniture destroyed.

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