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  • Students at each Germantown school recognized for benevolent behavior

Students at each Germantown school recognized for benevolent behavior

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In celebration of last week’s World Kindness Day, each year GMSD reaches out to its school counselors and principals for the students at their schools that exemplify kindness.

• From Farmington Elementary School: David Gish, Nominated by Jonathan PritchettDavid Gish
“David is always kind to others. As an example, Recently, when one of the students with special needs fell at recess, David rushed to his side, helping him up and immediately offering comfort. David then offered to walk this student into the building. While walking the student into the building, he stopped at the sinks in the hallway, got paper towels, bent down and proceeded to try to clean the injured student’s scratched leg. He has an incredible amount of empathy for a child his age. He is always respectful and responsible, both important tenets of being kind to others. David is a model student in our school.”

• From Forest Hill Elementary School: Sophia Rus, Nominated by Skylar Workman:
“Sophia exemplifies kindness and compassion in all of her
interactions with both students and adults here at Forest Hill. She has gone above and beyond to welcome new students to our school, and she has taken the initiative to start a pen pal program.”

• From Dogwood Elementary School: Coleman McCann, Nominated by Jennifer Jacobs:
Coleman McCann
“Coleman always goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is included. He is so kind and encouraging to every child and adult that he comes in contact with.”

• From Riverdale K-8: Sophia Monte, nominated by Lauren Misquitta
Sophia Monte
“Sophia is such a kind-hearted student who is willing to take time to help others, even when she is not asked to do so. She is the first to volunteer to help others, including her teacher. She has a positive attitude and is doing the right thing, even when her teachers are not around.”

• From Houston Middle School: Keeper Jackson, nominated by Diana Lang
Keeper Jackson“Keeper is a gentle soul. He is always polite, and he works hard every day. He doesn’t wait to be told what to do, he just does things to help, like sweeping the gym floor, or holding the doors for students. He always has a smile and always asks how you’re doing. He’s nice to all students and is one of those people who makes you feel better about yourself after you have an interaction with him. He’s an amazingly kind student.”

• From Houston High School — there are two award recipients: Kymia Kendrick, nominated by Denise Fisher
Kymia Kendrick
“Kymia is just an overall sweet student! She is supportive, reliable and passionate about the well-being of others.”

• From Houston High School: Matthew Villaneuva, nominated by Ashley Kreitz
Matthew Villaneuva
“Matthew is a light shining here at Houston High School. His positive attitude and energy are contagious. He is always looking to help, spread joy, and make others smile.”

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