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Rezoning request sought for residential property

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The owners of plot of land off of Neshoba Road are requesting that the property by rezoned in order to build more residences.

The applicant, Bluff City Builders, has requested approval for the rezoning of 7.46 acres from low-density single-family residential to medium-density single-family residential.

The city’s Planning Commission was scheduled to discuss the matter Tuesday night during its regularly scheduled meeting.

One house is currently seated on the property, which is located on 7271 Neshoba Road. It was built in 1967 and is bordered by single family homes.
The applicant’s intent is to redevelop the property with several new single family homes.

The property is within the Flynn Subdivision that was approved by the Memphis and Shelby County Planning Commission on in 1960 and the Shelby County Boards of Commissioners.

In 1964, Germantown annexed the property.
The zoning change will allow the property to be divided into seven residential lots.

The Germantown Municipal Code permits changes in zoning districts, “whenever the public necessity, convenience, general welfare or good zoning practice justifies such action. The basis for a zoning change could also include that the existing zoning is unwise, unjust, and erroneous, that there was a mistake in the zoning, or that there has been a change in the neighborhood.”

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