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Residents earn ‘Certificate of Service’ for heroic actions

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During last week’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting, the Germantown Police Department recognized the selfless act of service by George, Joshua and Jonas Kohlbacher during a motor vehicle crash on June 21.
The three men received the Civilian Certificate of Service Award.
Just past 9:10 p.m. on June 21, George Kohlbacher and his two sons, Joshua and Jonas, observed a vehicle stuck on the railroad tracks at the intersection of Poplar Pike and West Street.
As the Kohlbacher’s were checking on the driver, Kohlbacher noticed that a train was approaching in the distance. They observed that the female driver was attempting to move the car and was unaware of the approaching train.
Joshua and Jonas gave the driver instructions to unlock the doors so that she could get out of the car.
They were successful in assisting the driver away from the vehicle to a place of safety. A moment later, the train collided with the stuck vehicle.
“They laid down their lives to save me,” said Luttie Darnell, driver of the stuck vehicle.
In the opinion of the officers who arrived on the scene, the Kohlbacher’s actions definitely prevented a tragic outcome.
Lieutenant Ben Sharp completed an after action review of this incident and recommended that the Kohlbacher’s be considered for the department’s Civilian Certificate of Service award.
This award is presented by the Chief of Police in recognition of a civilian(s) who has rendered aid to the department in an emergency, or who has significantly contributed to the welfare and safety of the community.

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