Reasons Why You Should Keep Chickens

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If you dream of learning essential farming skills to live more sustainably but don’t want to give up the comforts of where you live now, owning chickens can provide a satisfying compromise. Raising chickens provides you with the companionship pets bring and the benefits of fresh eggs regularly from your hens. If you’re still searching for reasons why you should keep chickens, these important chicken-keeping benefits may help you come to a decision.

Constant Companionship

As mentioned, chickens are valuable pets like any other animal. Even though people may consider chickens to be emotionless livestock rather than pets with personality, each chicken you raise will be different in how they act. When you show them love and care, your chickens will show you the same. Raising a chicken from the time they are a chick is no different than raising any other baby animal. The coop noise in the backyard will also be a regular reminder that you aren’t alone.

Beginner Friendly

Even if you’ve never raised farm animals before, chicken-keeping is easy to learn and will build a routine that could be useful if you choose to get more farm animals down the line. Once you have your coop built and prepared, all you need to do is feed them, give them water, harvest their eggs, and clean out their home often. Different breeds can be easier to care for than others, so do your research before committing.

Pest and Weed Control

Chickens that have room to roam will do what they like to do the most—eat! If you have a bug problem in your backyard, keeping chickens can control the pests that may terrorize your garden. Your pasturing chickens will also pick at weeds or any other fallen edible debris in your yard, leaving a naturally cleaner yard overall.


The most important reason why you should keep chickens is the farm-fresh eggs you reap from healthy chickens. No longer will you have to wonder where your store-bought eggs come from or how their chickens were treated because all your eggs will come straight from home! Whenever you have extra eggs, you can either sell them or give them to friends and family.

You can also get fresh chicken meat from your chickens if you want to, but if you’re keeping chickens as pets, this may not be a good option for you!

Waste Becomes Fertilizer

Chicken droppings can be extremely nourishing for your plants, especially when mixed with the proper organic coop bedding material. In your yard, the nitrogen in chicken poop will keep the grass healthy and strong. Some bedding types will allow you to move the manure straight from the coop into the garden, but others may require composting. Know which method you need to do before you use chicken waste as fertilizer.

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