Reasons To Incorporate Rowing Into Your Workout

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Reasons To Incorporate Rowing Into Your Workout

Indoor rowing is a cardiovascular activity that promotes endurance and stamina while targeting multiple muscle groups. An effective yet underrated activity, rowing might appear intimidating at first glance; however, using a rowing machine for 15 to 20 minutes can provide multiple benefits.

That said, here are three reasons to incorporate rowing into your workout.

Promotes a Full Body Burn

Many people don’t realize that rowing utilizes about 85 percent of the body’s muscles. While you might think the activity relies on upper body strength, it’s surprising to discover that rowing actually targets the lower body!

While holding the handle and leaning forward, push against the footplates until your legs are straight and you’re leaning back slightly. To finish a stroke, bring the handle to your sternum.

Fun yet Fast

While countless individuals have the time and passion for fitness, others may not consider physical activity something to enjoy, and that’s expected!

Fortunately, rowing is an activity that appeals to the masses; not only does it help you work up a sweat, but it warms up your body in a short amount of time! With the right form, 30 minutes of rowing can have the same effect as 90 minutes of any other activity.

If you’re looking to branch out into other forms of exercise, rowing provides a refreshing take on cardio, allowing you to have fun while working out.

Low-Impact Activity

While running and HIIT sessions get the blood pumping, both activities can greatly stress your joints and muscles. Despite rowing promoting a full-body burn, this activity doesn’t apply as much pressure to those body parts as other cardio-based exercises.

Your muscles don’t work against resistance while running or performing plyometric movements, significantly decreasing the chances of injury. Still, there are some technique mistakes to avoid on a rower to prevent unnecessary strain.

The buzz surrounding rowing never ends, giving you all more reason to incorporate the activity into your workout! When it comes down to creating a fun and easy workout session, this exercise can promote recovery while targeting your entire body.

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