September 27, 2023
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Preparations underway to slowly get back to business

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As we prepare to move forward with a phased approach to reopen our businesses, the City of Germantown sincerely thanks you for your cooperation and patience through this most trying time.

“We would not be in this place without the efforts of our residents to keep themselves and their families safe,” said Mayor Mike Palazzolo.

By following safer at home orders and putting CDC suggestions into practice, together residents have slowed the number of new Covid-19 infections to the point where leaders are preparing to slowly open the faucet on the local economy.

While the reopening will not happen overnight, the City continues to work diligently with the Shelby County Health Department and municipalities across the county to develop a cooperative approach to getting back to business.

All involved are working to prioritize the life and safety of county residents.

“We ask you to stick with us. It’s imperative that we remember that this isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon,” said City Administrator Patrick Lawton. Measures such as social distancing, wearing masks in public spaces and limiting the number of people who are gathered together are expected to continue for some time. “The only way we will continue to recover from this crisis is if we all do our part to help protect ourselves and our friends and family,” Lawton added. 

In terms of the economic reopening, the plan takes a phased approach. Each of the three phases require that certain milestones be reached in order to continue the progression toward total reopening.

The milestones in the plan follow the recommendations published by the federal government in recent days.

The Shelby County Health Department will lead the way in monitoring data. It is important to understand that an increase in Covid-19 cases could lead to the return to a previous stage with higher levels of restriction. The plan is expected to be made public on Wednesday, April 29.

The City of Germantown has a comprehensive plan in place to work closely with businesses as they reopen to deploy plans to protect workers and customers. Details are being finalized.

Information will be shared with businesses early next week. 

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