Overlooked Construction Safety Issues

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Construction sites are full of potential dangers. When running a construction business, you must take every precaution possible to protect your workers. This way, you’ll create a more accommodating environment for them—and you can avoid situations team members are out of commission for an extended period. Read about some of the overlooked construction safety issues if you want to cover all your bases.

Physical Discomfort for Workers

Physical discomfort is an element that’s easy to miss on the jobsite, as it’s not always apparent. Moreover, workers may not alert you to it immediately. Be proactive in thinking about the ergonomic aspects of the tasks your employees carry out. In practice, this could mean redesigning the jobsite to make movements more natural for your workers. Making workers more comfortable might also involve providing more rest times, regulating temperatures, and opening up enclosed spaces where dangerous fumes could accumulate. You can figure out what changes are the most helpful by sending out a survey or speaking with workers directly.

Inadequate Worker Training

Training builds the foundation for how workers act, but it can become an overlooked construction safety issue when you don’t emphasize its importance. Develop exhaustive training programs for your employees. This way, you can convey how workers should proceed through their responsibilities and handle the machinery and equipment they use. For example, if you often work in wet or muddy conditions, training can ensure that all workers know to lay down construction equipment mats for large vehicles to prevent them from slipping.

Discounting Trip, Slip, and Fall Hazards

Speaking of slipping, trips, slips, and falls are among the most common causes of worker injuries on a jobsite. But their causes can seem unimportant, causing people to ignore them. Reiterate to your employees that they must clean up spills right after they occur and keep walking areas free of clutter. Remind them to exercise caution when moving to elevated positions as well. If your business operations take place at night, make sure you provide widespread lighting so that shadows don’t hide uneven ground.

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