News from the Germantown Garden Club

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– Germantown Garden Club Awards for 2020-2021
By Brandy Miller
I attended the District 1, New Presidents meeting on June 8 at the Botanic Garden.
Germantown Garden Club, a member of the TFGC, was awarded several awards at that time. Despite covid restrictions, our club continued to thrive via zoom meetings throughout the year.
Here is a list of awards that were presented to the club:
• Club of Excellence
TFGC Award G-3 Therapy Gardens National certificate of appreciation
TFGC Award 25-B National Garden Week 2nd place
TFGC Award 8-A Gardening with Youth 1st place
TFGC Award 16-A3 yearbook 2nd place
TFGC Award 72-A2 press book 2nd place
• Deep South Garden Club Awards
1st Place
4th Grade Nitya Dubal Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl Poster Contest
2nd Place
2nd grade Param Dubalo Smokey Bear/ Woodsy Owl Poster Contest
These awards show we are a club of hard workers who love the earth and are good environmental stewards.

– National Garden Week
By Brandy Miller
Germantown Garden Club,a member of the TFGC, delivered a beautiful arrangement to the Germantown Library for National Garden Week.
PICTURED TOP LEFT: Accepting the arrangement from club President Brandy Miller is Librarian Lisa Marinos. Flower design was done by club member Gerry Covington.

– Bucket of Gratitude
By Brandy Miller
Germantown Garden Club, a member of the TFGC, presented a bucket of annuals, as gratitude, to the Germantown Fire Department for all they do to keep our city and its citizens safe. PICTURED TOP RIGHT: Accepting the bucket is Firefighter Josh Horton.

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