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Local man uses cleaning system to create sanitary environments

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While Americans are becoming more familiar with the best ways to sterilize their homes, work spaces and gathering places during the COVID-19 pandemic, one Collierville resident remains ahead of the curve.

Allen Hoover, the owner of Thermal Corrosion Solutions and Total Cleaning Solutions, has been coating indoor facilities with a proven electrostatic antimicrobial spray since 2013.

With misting machines and a product created inside of a Texas laboratory, Hoover has spent years disinfecting schools, hospitals, shopping centers, condos, and even the FedEx Forum.

“We are the Mid-South’s leader in industrial and commercial coating solutions,” Hoover said. “Whether you are a hospital, restaurant, manufacturing facility, office building, school, daycare, church, etc. We have the solution to fit your need.”

Hoover uses products from SD Labs that “control bacteria, fungi and mold, which can cause stains, odors or surface damage, through a physical mode of action that neutralizes microbes that come in contact with treated surfaces.”

Hoover said the misting agent attaches to every surface in the room, except mirrors.

“The positive ionic charge in the antimicrobial active ingredient attracts microbes to the coating’s surface and physically ruptures their cell membranes,” he added. “The active ingredient is stabilized with surface tension releasers and other ingredients allowing the product to be applied to almost any surface. The unique chemistry offers an industry-leading level of performance for long term efficacy and

While not a professor of infectious diseases, Hoover often sounds qualified.

“We apply a long term surface protectant with a 100-percent coverage for surfaces due to the electrostatic application lasting up to 90 days, or one year, depending on the material purchased. Based on worldwide acceptance and testing. We can sell to the owner or install for them.”

Hoover started TCS in the 1980s as a commercial and industrial insulation business. Since then, he has expanded his trade to include flooring, roofing and cleaning.

He eventually branched out to the disinfecting business after learning that most people don’t properly sanitize their surroundings.

“Most people don’t read the fine print (on disinfectant products),” he said, speaking specifically about staphylococcus bacteria. “They spray Lysol and immediately wipe it away. That just makes it stronger.”

Always looking for the best solution to a problem, Hoover became familiar with SD Labs, which offers an EPA registered antimicrobial spray that “wraps around surfaces.”
“Nothing grows on it,” Hoover ardently stated.

Hoover emphasized that many still don’t realize the “true meaning of clean from a stance of — clean, disinfect and protect.”

“Many of the cleaners used today are actually harmful to the environment and are not people safe,” Hoover noted. “Many of these cleaning disinfectants are not used properly to truly clean the surface due to the lack of dwell times needed to kill the virus or bacteria.”

While business dipped for Hoover during the country’s “lockdown,” he acknowledged that he is “ramping up to be busy” with the recent business openings.

For more information, call 901.674.1896 or email [email protected] for estimates. Also, visit thermalcorrosionsolutions.com.

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