Just Ducky at Southwind

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By Kathleen Edelmuth

Many Southwind residents have had the pleasure of seeing ducks (and geese!) in the community.

Few residents have had the additional pleasure of having Mallard ducks nest on their property.

Windgarden Cove residents Lizbeth and Chris Stimac have had the experience for three years.

Their beautiful yard and swimming pool setting appeal to the mother duck, named Daisy by the Stimac’s, and Daisy builds her nest from leaves and her own down right at the edge of the pool.

This year 13 eggs were laid and 28 days later all were successfully hatched. All eggs were hatched over 24 hours and for 10 hours they remain in the nest to dry and then mother duck takes them into the water.

In this case, the water of the Stimac’s pool.

Chris takes great care to insure the safety of mother and ducklings. Less than a day after the hatching he collects them with a net and places them in a crate and then walks them to a pond at the end of Windgarden Cove.

Daisy Duck flies around Chris for the walk keeping an eye on her babies. At the pond he releases the ducklings and they become a family with Daisy happily looking after them with the help of Daddy Duck, named Daffy, who swoops in to protect them.

The entire process requires diligence, patience, and skills to ensure the health and safety of the ducks and ducklings and Chris and Lizbeth are more than willing to provide all the help needed.

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