September 25, 2023

Important Tips for Designing a Safe and Healthy Playroom

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When you’re trying to live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, there’s more to the process than planting a garden and reducing your paper waste. An eco-friendly lifestyle is incorporated into multiple aspects of a person’s life. Whether it’s in the food that they prepare or the home projects they undertake, there are ways to make each task more sustainable. The same can be applied to designing a new section of the home. Use these tips for designing a safe and healthy playroom for your kids while maintaining your eco-friendly lifestyle.

Choose Easy-to-Clean Flooring

It’s inevitable that your child will make a mess while they play. As such, one of the most crucial components to a safe and healthy recreational room is its ability to be cleaned. If your child likes to experiment with paints and other crafting materials, it’s recommended that you install smooth tile, solid wood, or linoleum floorings that are easier to wash.

Think About the Paint You’re Using

Unfortunately, the paint products we use in our homes can release various volatile organic compounds into the air we breathe. Not only is this bad for our health, but it can also negatively impact the environment. It’s for this reason that many homeowners are seeking low-VOC alternative paints for their home improvement projects.

Prioritize Durability Over Style

Though it’s important for your playroom to fit the rest of your home’s style, you still need to ensure that the furniture you choose can withstand abuse. Chances are, your kids will rough house, run around, and even throw the occasional thing. As such, you need items that can hold up to this level of abuse and still look great afterward. Choosing durable furniture will also reduce the risk of something breaking and a child hurting themselves.

Organization and Storage are Key

To keep fall hazards to a minimum, creating and maintaining an organization system is essential. This will ensure that all toys have a proper place to return to at the end of the day and that you’ll still have enough space for other activities. Fortunately, there are several compact storage methods, such as behind the door shelves, and customizable cubby drawers for you to choose from and utilize as you need.

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