How To Take Care of Your Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

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How To Take Care of Your Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

Getting a new sewing machine is an exciting experience. You can do a ton with a heavy-duty sewing machine, but how does it keep doing its job effectively? The answer is maintenance. You need to take proper care of your heavy-duty sewing machine. We’ll show you how to do this below.

Oil Often

You need many tools for upholstery and other crafts, but the sewing machine is one of the most intricate. Did you know that you should oil your industrial machine after every seven to eight hours of use? Sewing machines generally have a lot of extra internal moving parts, but this is especially true of the industrial kind. If you fail to oil your machine, you’ll have to deal with a noisy machine, complete with parts breaking down with extensive use. This can be a serious safety hazard to you or whoever is operating the machine. You need to make sure the correct parts are lubricated appropriately. You can do this manually or with an automatic oil lubrication system.

Replace Your Needle

The needle is the central component of an industrial sewing machine. Replacing it when needed prevents sewing issues. Needles bent or worn over time can damage the sewing machine’s internal components. Along with oiling your machine, you should replace your sewing machine after every seven to nine hours of use. A dull or bent needle won’t do its job properly and will cause the entire machine to break down. You can get a sewing needle at any hardware store, so make sure you stock up. This is a key facet of taking care of your heavy-duty sewing machine.

Clean Your Machine

Cleaning your machine after every use is essential to keeping it efficient and grime-free. Wipe the outside of the machine to remove dust and lint build-up. Clean the bobbin and hook by opening the needle plate and use a lint brush to remove lint, dust, or tread from the area. This ensures that your investment is protected overall.

In short, your sewing machine will last only as long as you properly maintain it. Don’t allow these tips to go to waste. Use them! You’ll be happy you did.

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